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14 Sep 2018



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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 13 Feb 2012

Let's suppose you have many email accounts, one for work, one for personal messages, one for your personal site etc. It's difficult and time consuming checking all these accounts. It would be better to have a software that can manage all these accounts at once and that could check for new emails using just a push of a button or even automatically. Fortunately, there is such a software and that's POP Peeper. As it name suggests, it's a software that can connect to various email servers using POP3 and retrieve email messages at certain intervals and also send emails.

The program installs quickly and it's gentle with the system resources and also takes up little disk space, so running the program on old computers shouldn't be a problem. POP Peeper is compatible with every version of Microsoft Windows.

The interface of POP Peeper resembles other email clients and it's simple and intuitive. At first run, the user is displayed with a window in which he can configure his email accounts. The program supports some well known email providers, like Yahoo and GMail and for them, the configuration process is almost automatic. For other email providers, the user must know the IMAP or POP server address and also the SMTP address, if he wants to send emails, not only to receive them.

After setting up the email accounts, the user can check the new messages for all his accounts simply by pushing a single button. At this point, all the new emails will be retrieved, together with information about the sender and the time they were received. Clicking on a message will open a new window in which the user can view it. For correctly displaying any type of email, the program supports the HTML format. After viewing a message, the user can manipulate it as he would do by using any other email client. Thus, he can delete, forward the message or reply to it.

The interval on which the program checks for new messages can be set from the Options window. This section of POP Peeper also allows modifying various parameters for retrieving new emails, for example the user can be informed he has a new message by playing an audio clip.

POP Peeper featured an address book in which any email address can be added, including the user's name. When the user sends a message to an address, POP Peeper allows automatically adding it in the address book.


It allows setting more than one email account and checking all the accounts at once for new messages. It also includes an address book for storing mail recipients.


The feature seems a bit too simple and the software lacks options that advanced user might need, like displaying a preview of a message in the main interface. POP Peeper is a great program for managing emails for more accounts at once.

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POP Peeper has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 13 Feb 2012. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated POP Peeper 4 out of 5 stars, naming it Excellent


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